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“Township Tale is the best VR experience I've ever had. ” - Ben Sand, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Meta

“A Township Tale Sold Me on VR.” - PN2
"A Township Tale was unique." - The Guardian

A Township Tale is an open-world, sandbox, multiplayer VR experience


Explore a forgotten village, using its resources to survive and cultivate the land to grow and build up your abilities. Will you be able to work together cohesively and survive, or will your society crumble as time goes on?

Take on the role of your choice in this medieval world, as blacksmiths, miners, farmers and warriors, or choose to be the humble woodcutter by day or sneaky bandit by night.

There's a world out there to explore, filled with mysteries, loot, dangerous creatures that lurk in the dark, and even more dangerous friends lurking by your side.

What will your story be?