Based in Sydney, Australia

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October, 2016


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A Township Tale



Alta is building virtual worlds, for enduring multiplayer experiences in VR. A Township Tale is their first title, set in a medieval fantasy world where players survive in an abandoned town against the forces at work. Alta is building the stuff of dreams, working solely towards the vision of what virtual reality meant in science fiction years ago.

Alta Co-Founders, Joel van de Vorstenbosch, Tima Anoshechkin and Boramy Unn.

Alta Co-Founders, Joel van de Vorstenbosch, Tima Anoshechkin and Boramy Unn.



Early History

Alta was founded in 2016 by Tima Anoshechkin, Boramy Unn, and Joel van de Vorstenbosch in Sydney, Australia. After discovering the potential of VR, the team saw a new way to create and experience open-world universes. Alta was created with a focus on multiplayer, emphasizing the connection between players, and interacting physically with a limitless virtual world.

A Township Tale

A Township Tale is Alta’s first title, which started production in September 2016. The pre-alpha tech demo received a warm welcome by attendees and had over 20 press articles written about it during PAX Australia 2016.


Alta plans to release A Township Tale on early access with a core loop of gameplay. Then, updates will be released intermittently as new roles are designed and developed to extend the gameplay.

At the start of 2017, Alta joined the Muru-D Accelerator program in Sydney to boost their goals to become a global company.



Based in Sydney, Australia

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A Township Tale

A Township Tale is an open-world, sandbox, social VR multiplayer experience. Players explore a forgotten village, using it's resources to survive and cultivating the land to grow and build up their abilities. Will players be able to work together cohesively and survive, or will their society crumble as time goes on?

Take on the role of your choice in this medieval landscape, as blacksmiths, miners, farmers and warriors, or choose to be the humble woodcutter by day and sneaky bandit by night.

There's a world out there to explore, filled with mysteries, loot, dangerous creatures that lurk in the dark, and even more dangerous friends lurking by your side.

What will your story be?



A Township Tale started with Joel and Boramy experimenting with VR, using an old Oculus DK2 to start prototyping. At that point, A Township Tale was nothing more than a simple VR visual demo. Joel began to flesh out object interactions, whilst Boramy began to conceptualize the world of A Township Tale.After seeing an anvil and a hammer, the team immediately saw potential in creating an amazing VR experience, and formed Alta to focus entirely on that.

Alta attended PAX Australia 2016 with a two-month tech demo to an extremely positive response, having an unbroken stream of players during all three weekends and having over 20 press articles written about it. A Township Tale was also accepted into Unite Melbourne 2016’s showcase during Games Week. The game was exhibited once more in early 2017 at RTX Sydney, in the indie area, and was also livestreamed to Rooster Teeth's global audience.

Since then, development for A Township Tale has been on course for its much anticipated closed alpha. 


True open world

A Township Tale is not instance based, and won't force players along a singular path. Go where you want to go in this gorgeous world!


Become a miner, a blacksmith, a farmer, a warrior and more to support the town and other players, discovering your purpose in this land.

Collaborative Play

It's very difficult to complete goals as a one-person-band- make friends with your neighbours to work together and make the town flourish.

Online Multiplayer

With full online support, meet and play with people you already know, or complete strangers, whether they be down the street or across the globe!


community sized

Servers allow up to sixteen players at a time, which is not too big and not too small to form a community where your role contributes to the whole.

a gorgeous world

Enter and experience A Township Tale in a beautiful fantasy medieval setting with aesthetics completely unique to the world itself. 


Selected Articles


  • "A Township Tale bridges the gap between what we expect from a traditional open world game and virtual reality, placing them into a colourful place filled with possibilities."
    - Mark Isaacson, PN2
  • "Every other VR game I saw at Pax [Aus 2016] was either about solving puzzles, shooting things or "on rails", meaning it wouldn't let you move around and explore. They're all fun to play, but A Township Tale was unique. It was refreshing to play a game where you could just hang with friends, building things and soaking up the atmosphere."
    - Miles Martignoni, The Guardian
  • "The experience [of A Township Tale] was something magical and is the closest thing to what I have dreamed VR could be since it became a reality."
    - Jakob Quilligan, Checkpoint
  • "It's these little interactions [in A Township Tale] that make me think the future of VR isn't as insular as we've been lead to believe. The potential for engaging, evolving stories built out of real human interactions is simply amazing."
    - Nathanael Peacock, GrabIt Magazine

A Township Tale Team

Tima Anoshechkin

Boramy Unn
Lead Designer & Artist

Joel van der Vorstenbosch
Lead Programmer

Timo Schmechel

Victor Nascimento

Serena Hack
3D Artist